Ensuring North Carolinians Know Their Consumer Rights

We're Here For
The Consumers of North Carolina!

Since 1968, we've made it our mission to inform and educate the consumers of North Carolina about their rights. We stand up for North Carolina consumers and believe that a fair marketplace is a safe marketplace. Join us in helping to promote consumer education, consumer education and consumer protection across North Carolina!

We Are a Charity.

Being a charity means we will NEVER profit from your donation or membership dollars!

Who We Serve

While we work to promote good consumer behaviors in North Carolina, we don't stop at our borders. In fact, much of the work we do on a daily basis benefits consumers nationwide! No one should be left behind!

What We Do

We've worked hard to make sure consumers are able to know their rights, recognize when their rights are being violated, and make the best of the many new resources available in today's ever-changing consumer marketplace.

Can You Help Me?

We know you have concerns, but we are very limited with what we are able to do. We are unable to assist consumers individually. We do watch the consumer marketplace to identify issues that affect consumers statewide.

Finding Help

We know how important it is for you to get the help you need when you need it. We've created our Resources section to do just that and filled it with a lot of helpful information for getting help and protecting yourself.