How We Work

From the very beginning, our founding members surrounded themselves with the types of people who had big ideas and who wanted to turn those ideas into real change. We continue to be led by such talent.

We are governed by a talented five-member Board of Directors, elected annually by our members, that creates the roadmap for our organization and develops ideas that take us to new places. The Board of Directors takes into account all foreseeable risks and gains when making decisions, especially since corporate and fiscal responsibility both play large roles in our long-standing history of values and ethics. We do business responsibly, which means that our members and other supporters don't have to worry. That trust comes from decades of doing things the right way the first time.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization that relies on membership dues, grants and donations to fund daily operations and programs. To remain unbiased and nonpartisan, we do not fund or endorse political candidates or campaigns, nor do we take money from special interest groups.

We strive to educate consumers by publishing news and information on our website and social media, attending public events, hosting and organizing public outreach programs, working with partner groups on common core issues, and through interviews with state and national media. We charge nothing for these services, though tax-deductible donations are certainly helpful and appreciated.

We are a consumer resource. While we do not directly represent individual consumers on specific issues, we may be able to direct them to government agencies suited to specific needs. We also look for trends in the consumer marketplace and take action on behalf of consumers when we spot an issue.

We play a vital role in educating and protecting consumers through trust-building, transparency, and consistency in business practices. In working with some of the nation's other trusted consumer organizations, we have the opportunity to provide the consuming public with the information they need to remain safe and informed in our ever-changing marketplace.