About NCCC

What We Do & Don't Do

NCCC is an organization dedication to consumer protection, consumer awareness-building, and consumer education across North Carolina.

What We Do

We provide and distribute information of interest to the citizens of North Carolina. This information includes printed materials, information distributed via social media and our website, information distributed through a weekly e-newsletter, and information distributed through press and media releases.

We offer general guidance for consumers who need to locate particular consumer protection resources.

We offer our services at no charge as guest speakers for your special events or seminars. Our attendance may be limited based upon availability, location and topic.

We work with other consumer protection organizations, state agencies and federal agencies to identify and locate issues that need consumer protection measures.

We issue warnings to consumers about new and existing scams targeting North Carolinians.

We provide consumer complaint self-service resources.

What We Don't Do

We are not an advocacy organization, nor do we represent individuals in any matters.

We do not provide legal advice. Legal advice should be obtained through the North Carolina Law Directory.

We do not represent consumers in matters of consumer complaints. If we receive a consumer complaint, we do not follow up or intervene.

We do not provide utility location or marking services.

We do not issue recalls nor are we responsible for recall compliance. Please do not send us recalled items.

We do not administer class action lawsuit settlements.

We do not give or find financial support for consumers who need redress.