Current Needs

Thanks for checking out our current needs and wants, which we've broken down into various categories. This listing isn't a complete listing, but it's a quick reference. If something has value, we will almost certainly accept it.

Always Needed:

  • Money: Money is always needed. It's the easiest to give, the easiest to deduct on your taxes, and is the easiest for us to budget where it would help most.
  • Gift Cards: Gifts cards work for us just like money and are easy to deduct on your taxes. If you have unused, unneeded or unwanted gift cards, consider donating them to us. You may not even have to send the card! It could be as simple as sending/texting an image, getting it verified, and getting a tax receipt.
  • Office Supplies: This includes letter and legal sized paper, envelopes, notepads, pens, etc. Think about the items most commonly used in offices and we probably need it.

Things We'd Love To Have:

  • Printer Toner: We'd love to have new or used printer toner, especially for the HP LaserJet CP4520 Series. Cartridges that don't fit our printers can easily have toner transferred to compatible cartridges.
  • Smart Phones: We would love to have at least one smart phone. We use them for everything from responding to your text inquires to depositing checks. We would prefer it to be no more than four years old, but will accept any in nearly any condition.
  • Office Space: Sounds weird, doesn't it? But office space is expensive. We don't maintain high-end tower office space in order to keep our expenses low and to put more money into our programs. If you have unused office space in the Raleigh area and want to donate it for a tax deduction, let's talk.
  • Office Tech: As our computers and printers get older, they don't perform as well as they used to. We'd love to have some tech that we can put to good use.
  • Vehicle: Just like how we don't have high-end office space, we don't buy vehicles in order to put our funding into our programs. But all the travel and errands puts a lot of wear and tear on our personal vehicles. We'd love to have something reliable that we can use for daily errands and for special events. We can even 'wrap' it and advertise your donation, especially if on behalf of a business you own.

Things We'd Accept to Benefit Our Programs:

  • Large Goods: We accept large items, such as vehicles and boats, in nearly any condition. These types of items would need to be scheduled with special arrangements.
  • Small Goods: Any smaller type of items with value, such as computers, software, furniture, office equipment, books and artwork, can easily be used to benefit our programs.
  • Services: We don't always need services, but we can usually find a way to turn them to our benefit. This can include meeting spaces, photocopy and mail services, courier services, and administrative/financial support.
  • Expertise: We will always accept legal, tax, or business advice; marketing and website development; and strategic planning assistance.
  • Cash Equivalents: We can always utilize stocks, bonds, mutual funds and similar.