Mailed Items

Why Mail an item?

Mailing an item can be much more convenient than dropping an item off at our offices, especially if you live at a distant part of the state or across the country.

Are shipping costs tax deductible?

Shipping costs and other out-of-pocket costs are generally tax deductible under applicable rules and regulations. For more information, please consult a tax advisor.

What must I do to Mail an item?

If you would like to mail an item to us, please send us a message with your contact information and the type of your donation. If you have photos of the item(s), please include them. We will review your request and provide you with an appropriate contact person and address for the delivery. Due to security concerns, unexpected packages will not be opened and may be discarded or returned to sender.

Proper Packaging

If mailing an item, you are responsible for all aspects of the shipment, including packaging, applicable insurance (if desired), postage and HAZMAT disclosures. Some common HAZMAT items that must be declared include aerosols (compressed air), paints, perfumes, nail polishes, solvents, etc. These items must have an "ORM-D" label. Most of the time, however, you won't be shipping one of these items.

If you are shipping an item with a lithium ion battery, such as a smart phone or laptop, you must declare the battery and affix a Battery Label to the box. This is to ensure that the item is handled with appropriate safety measures and is not transported by plane.

Do We Issue Shipping Labels or refund postage?

In some circumstances, such as when dealing with high-value items, we may issue a shipping label or refund your shipping costs upon receipt. If you have a high value item and would like a shipping label or a refund for shipping costs, please contact us prior to preparing your shipment. Examples of these items may include computers, smart phones, jewelry, etc. You are still responsible for proper packaging and disclosures.

If we issue a refund to you for any expenses related to your mailing of a donated item, you can no longer claim this amount as a tax-deduction. Any refunds of expenses will be noted on your tax receipt.