Item Pick-Ups

Items we pick up

We generally ask that all items be delivered to us, but we may pick up larger quantities of goods or other large and higher-value items, such as vehicles.

Where we pick up

It all really depends on the quantity and the value of the donation. Generally, we will make pickups of reasonable quantities of items located in Wake County or any surrounding county. For larger pickups or higher value items, we will generally pick up statewide. While we appreciate all contributions, we are sure you'll understand that it doesn't make much sense for us to make a trip across the state to pick up a box of copy paper.

Requesting a pickup

All requests for item pickups must go through a review process in order to determine feasibility. Please send us a message with your contact information, the type of your donation, and where it is located. If you have photos of the item(s), please include them. The more information you can provide about the item(s), the better.