Tax Receipts

When Are Receipts required?

We are required to provide a receipt when the value of any single donation exceeds $250.

Donations by Members

If you are a member of our organization, receipts are treated a little bit differently than if you aren't a member. This is because membership fees are tax-deductible.

If you make any contribution throughout the calendar year, we always follow up with a thank you note. In January of each year we will issue a tax receipt summary you can print or download from the online Member Center for all contributions and deductible membership fees paid throughout the year. This summary is everything you need in order to claim a deduction on your tax return.

Donations Online by non-members

We provide an email confirmation that serves as your tax receipt. These emails are issued once for each donation made. You will not receive a yearly summary.

Donations By Mail by non-members

We follow up by mail with a tax receipt. This is issued once for each donation made. You will not receive a yearly summary.

Donations in Person

When you make a donation in person, we will issue you a receipt immediately for monetary contributions. If you are a member, we will not issue a tax receipt. Instead, your contribution will be reflected in the online Member Center. Of course, if you would like a record of your contribution we will provide one.

Donations of Items

Any time an item donation is made, we'll issue a receipt. But this receipt won't have a monetary value since we're not allowed to assign values by law. You are responsible for that. If a receipt can be made quickly, we'll issue one right away. Otherwise, we may ask that you give us time to prepare one to mail to you. This is especially helpful if there are a lot of items and serial numbers to document, which can take some time.