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Our contributors are dedicated to helping us help the consumers of North Carolina. Our work is made possible through the generosity of partners and supporters that share our goals and objectives, including foundations, corporations, individuals, and non-governmental organizations.

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Gold Level — Contributing $5,000 or More
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Silver Level — Contributing $1,000 up to $5,000
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Bronze Level — Contributing $500 up to $1,000
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Supporter Level — Contributing $100 up to $500
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Contributor Level — Contributing up to $100
Clifford Adams
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Vincent Allbrooks
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Roger Bailey
Bernard Banks
Elmon Barbour Jr.
Sherry Belasco
Cory Belue-Sturgill
Ann Berry
BJ's Wholesale Club
Suzan Beeson
Merycel Bender
Bruce Bertman
Larry Bradshaw
John Butler
Mona Chrysantho
Charlie Clay
Alice Clayton
Callie Cobb
Ran Coble
Alan Coulson
Laura Covert
Jonathan Crawley
Marcel Daigle
James Ellis
Rene Galan
H. Phelps Gates Jr.
Brad George
Brannon Godette
Brandon Gregory
Kimberly Grimes
Tamika Hanna
Charlie Harris
Constance Harrison
Melissa Hayes
Natasha Hays
Joan Howell
Susan Harmon-Scott
Ruth Hoskins
Hasan Ismail
Debora Jenkins
Jane Kendall
Terry Kriger
Gary Krill
Lisa Lamb
Vipawan Lane
Alexandria Lee
Wilo Lovett-Jackson
Suzgo Kumwenda
Tommy Marchant
Albert Mcglown
Raymond McGregor
Cornellius Moore
David & Agnes Moore
Alieu Ngum
Angel Olavarria
Gloria Ott
Shadae Parker
Robert Pender
Kimberley Phillips
Stanley Reichlin
Derell Rivers
Clarence Robinson
Sam's Club
Doug Sanderson
George Sims
Tramaine Smith
Michael Soden
Brian Stark
James Steverson
Nancy Stone
John Sykes
Desiree Wagner
Pamela White
Nancy Whittaker
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