Membership FAQs

What are the membership requirements if I am interested in joining NCCC?

All prospective members must pay a membership fee and should have an interest in consumer education and protection in North Carolina.

What is the membership fee?

The minimum term is one year and the cost is currently $18 ($20 starting January 2017). We offer discounts for joining for more than one year.

What is your refund policy?

Because membership gives you eligibility to join state and federally regulated credit unions, all memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable for any reason.

Once I have joined, what are my obligations?

Once you are a member, you choose how active to be with your membership. You are under no obligations to do anything once you have your membership, but we hope you stay involved!

When can I start using my member benefits?

You can use any member benefit as soon as your membership is active!

Is the membership tax-deductible?

Yes! We post a statement to your online account in January for you to use when completing your yearly taxes.

How does a credit union or business know I'm a member?

If you are applying for credit union membership or using a member discount, a representative can verify your membership via our website using your Member ID. You may also print a member verification from your online account.