North Carolina Law Directory

North Carolina Law Directory

We created the North Carolina Law Directory, a free public resource to give consumers across the state a quick and easy way to find an attorney to handle their legal needs.

Consumers are always contacting us, and most need legal representation for everything from tax law to speeding tickets. Unfortunately, our staff does not include any attorneys. Even if we had staff attorneys, the sheer volume of consumers who need representation would be overwhelming.

That's where you come in!

Become part of the North Carolina Law Directory and start accepting those clients who need legal representation!

How Does It Work?

  • We advertise the directory online via our website and social media and through printed brochures, mailings, and educational materials.
  • Consumers contacting us with legal issues are referred straight to the directory in order to find an attorney.
  • Consumers can contact you directly (most common) using your provided contact information or submit a contact form, which is then forwarded to you.
  • Your listing is personalized with information about you, your scope of practice, contact information, a map locating your office, and other relevant information you wish to add. Email addresses are not posted to prevent spam.
  • If you offer a free ten-minute phone consultation and/or a free thirty-minute office consultation, you get special badges on your listings.

Attorney Expectations

  • You are NOT agreeing to work free of charge. Instead, you conduct business as usual.
  • Present your fees up front to the consumer at the beginning of your consultation.
  • Keep your nose clean! It sounds silly, but we routinely verify attorneys with the North Carolina State Bar. To protect the integrity of the directory, any attorney receiving a public disciplinary action is removed. It's about integrity!


  • We are not currently accepting new lawyers.
  • You may remove your listing from the directory anytime.
  • You get a complimentary general membership to the North Carolina Consumers Council with access to special benefits, including thousands of member discounts and credit union eligibility.
  • Listings are valid for one attorney only, though we will list multiple offices for the same attorney. A physical office address must be present on the listing.