North Carolina Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division

The Consumer Protection Division of the North Carolina Attorney General's Office works to protect North Carolina consumers by fighting unfair business practices. The Consumer Protection Division has helped hundreds of thousands of consumers like you get more than $100 million in refunds and helped win $250 million in savings on your utility rates.

The North Carolina Consumers Council helped to start the Consumer Protection Division, successfully lobbying the General Assembly in 1969 for the start up funds. Since that time, we have worked closely with the Consumer Protection Division to protect North Carolinians.

The Consumer Protection Division responds to 20,000 consumer complaints each year. If they find a pattern of illegal business practices, they enforce the law on behalf of all North Carolina consumers. While they can't represent you in a private legal case, they may be able to help if you didn't get what you paid for or were tricked into a bad deal.

The Consumer Protection Division accepts complaints on a wide range of issues including scams, fraud, telephone and Do Not Call violations, auto sales, deceptive and illegal business practices, charities, energy and utilities, credit, loans, and home repair.

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