Auto Nonprofit Offers Car Maintenance Tips for Long-Term Dependability
Image: Pixabay
January 26, 2016

There are a few different types of car owners. Some choose to buy a new car ever few years while others choose to hold onto the one they have until its very last breath.

For owners that keep their cars for the long haul, the nonprofit Car Care Council offers some simple tips for mainlining your car's safety, dependability and value.

"Everyone loves a new car but sometimes the money is just not there to purchase one," Car Care Council executive director Rich White said in a written statement. "If you treat your car as a valuable investment and commit to regular preventative auto care, not only will you end up saving money, but your car will keep on running for many miles down the road."

Keep it Clean

Washing and waxing your vehicle on a regular basis protects it from the natural elements that may harm the finish. A good cleaning of the inside and outside of the vehicle prevents the buildup of damaging chemicals and dirt, reduces the potential for rust from road salt and ensures proper visibility needed for safe driving.

Rely on Your Senses

When driving, always be alert and rely on your senses. While you may be familiar with noises that your vehicle makes on a daily basis, any noise that is new, different or suspicious may indicate a problem. Listen for sounds such as squealing, thumping, hissing and grinding – these are all signs that the vehicle may be trying to tell you something. Unusual smells such as burnt rubber, hot oil, gasoline, rotten eggs, burning carpet or the sweet smell of syrup can be a sign of serious, and potentially costly, trouble for your vehicle. When you hear or smell something that doesn't seem right, do not ignore it. Instead bring your car to a professional service technician to get an informed opinion on the nature of the sound or odor.

Stay on Schedule

The key to a car running at its best is basic maintenance. Keeping up with fluid changes, tire checks, filter changes and other services will help avoid bigger and more expensive repairs. Over time, some car parts and components wear out or become damaged. Being aware of your car will help you address any issues before they become bigger problems. In addition to following the maintenance schedule recommended in your owner's manual, the Car Care Council offers a free custom service schedule to help you be proactive in caring for your car.