Avoid Unnecessary Heartache When Ordering Flowers for Your Special Someone on a Special Day

Avoid Unnecessary Heartache When Ordering Flowers for Your Special Someone on a Special Day

there are some important things to remember when selecting and ordering flower arrangements for your special someone

February 12, 2021

Whether you are ordering flowers for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, an anniversary or any other special occasion, you want the best flowers for the money. Depending upon a variety of factors, your special someone can receive anything from dead flowers or the wrong color all the way to tulips when you expected roses. Keep these tips in mind when selecting, ordering and delivering the right flowers.

Don't wait until the last minute

If you're looking for Christmas gifts, do you walk into a store on Christmas morning expecting to fill a cart? No. So why would you expect the best flowers, or any flowers, to be available on Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or any other big day when flowers are a hit? If you wait until the last minute, you're going to be left with whatever is available. And it's probably not going to look its best. There might not even be any flowers available.

You should be reaching out and placing your order at least a week before you need the flowers if you're dealing with a busy time of year. You should consider doing it sooner if you need the flowers delivered. If you're trying to get your special someone a dozen roses in the middle of July, you probably won't need so much of a head start. If you're trying to get roses delivered on Valentine's Day, you need to be first in line and should already have checked out a florist. So don't wait unless you want to show up with a dozen dandelions.

Know what your special someone likes

It's easy to assume that everyone likes roses. But not everyone has the same tastes in flowers just like not everyone has the same tastes in chocolates. So make sure you know what your special someone likes. There's nothing wrong with sending a bouquet of tulips if that's what he/she likes. Did you take a walk after your first date in a lily garden? Consider sending some lilies as a special reminder of that day. You might find that you have more options available if you aren't going with the standard roses, which can sell out very quickly. You may also consider a live plant that will (hopefully) live a long time and be a constant reminder of that special day.

sometimes a surprise isn't good

Who doesn't like surprises and the feeling of being special? While surprises are usually a good thing, you'll want to make sure that a surprise flower delivery will be well-received or even received at all. While Mother's Day is always on a Sunday and there's a good chance mom will be home, Valentine's Day shifts around. It is on a Thursday this year, which means that most people with 9-5 jobs will be at work during the usual delivery time. So you'll want to know where your special someone will be when the flowers are delivered.

If your special someone will be at work or school, you probably don't want flowers delivered half an hour after heading out the door. This is especially true if you're looking at temperature or weather extremes or if the courier requires any kind of signature. While it may be tempting to have the flowers delivered to work or school, this may not be a practical option. Your special someone might even be leaving for a trip or heading out somewhere else unexpectedly, so keep this in the back of your mind when setting up a delivery. If you don't see any problems with having flowers left at the front door, select the appropriate container to make sure they stay fresh. You can speak with your florist to figure out what would work best.

If you're ordering flowers online, there's nothing that says you can't have them delivered to you and then you deliver them to your special someone. If you're ordering from a local florist, pick them up and deliver them at a convenient time. Not only will you be able to see the flowers up close, if anything needs to be fixed it can be done quickly.

Size Matters

When you're selecting a flower arrangement, choose wisely. Sometimes bigger isn't necessarily better. Are you trying to say "be mine?" Are you trying to say "I love you so much?" Choose the arrangement and number of flowers appropriately. You probably don't want to send three dozen roses to someone you met two weeks ago, so something small might be a bit more appropriate.

Keep in mind, too, where the flowers will be delivered. Any size arrangement is typically a safe bet when sent to a residence. But a huge arrangement or multiple arrangements can create clutter at a small office desk and be a nightmare to bring home. If you're having flowers sent to your favorite restaurant for your evening dinner, select a shorter and more compact arrangement that is more suitable for the table and will still make an impression. (Don't forget to have the restaurant staff set them out on the table before you're seated and tip the staff for the help!) You can always have a small arrangement sent to work or to the restaurant and a larger one sent to a home.

Meanings behind color

We've all heard that you should send red flowers to signify love to a romantic partner and pink roses to mom. We've heard that friends are supposed to get yellow flowers to signify friendship. Some people say that white flowers should go to your secret crush. The list goes on and on.

If your special someone finds deep meanings behind color and whether flowers are budding, in full bloom, etc., you might want to do your research beforehand. If the person doesn't really care about certain color meanings and styles, you should select the color and style based upon what you think he/she will like best and stress less about certain meanings. There really is no right or wrong answer and the flowers are likely to be appreciated regardless.

Go with a local florist

You may be tempted to buy flowers online because of convenience and the commercials, but this isn't always the best option. A lot of big companies that sell flowers and other arrangements simply contract with your local florist anyway. You'll often pay a bit of a heftier price tag and get less quality than if you worked with a local florist directly. The local florist typically takes care of its direct customers best and first, which means you'll be less likely to get color and type substitutions. You're also more likely to get the delivery window you need, and you'll probably be able to pay less or get better quality.

When a large company contracts with a local florist, those orders will typically get substituted if something runs out. There's also less incentive to do a perfect job since the big company will be the one getting all the good vibes and negative customer reviews, if any. Larger companies have very little control on the making and delivery, which means there is less accountability before they get delivered.

Be patient

It's easy to have a sense of entitlement when you're purchasing flowers. After all, you spent the money! But if you're doing anything more than buying an arrangement from the shelf, there is time and effort that goes into creating your desired outcome. Florists can get very busy and flustered, especially in the time around Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and the wedding season. So be patient as your florist creates your arrangement because there are probably a few hundred more being worked on, too.

Include a card

It seems like common sense, right? But it often gets overlooked. If your name is only crammed onto a label, it looks bad. Will the florist even include a label? Don't risk it. Include a card and include a thoughtful message. Make it handwritten.

You don't want a box

A lot of flower deliveries sent from large Internet companies that do their own arrangements have no choice but to ship the flowers in a box. This is obviously not the ideal situation and another good reason to use a local florist.

Beware of stock images

When you're looking at a website full of flower arrangements, it's easy to presume that what you see is what you'll get. But these images may be stock images or even older images that haven't been updated to reflect a change. The result is that what you order may not be what gets delivered. Visit your local florist to see the available options up close. You might decide that a certain flower or arrangement isn't right upon seeing it up close.

Your delivery can be late, even if guaranteed

If there's a delivery guarantee on your arrangement, don't assume it will get there on time. Delays of all kinds will always happen. Your delivery guarantee typically means that any delivery charges you have been assessed are refundable upon request. Do you really want to take the chance that the flowers will be late? You can try getting them delivered a day early, but that might not be the best option. To mitigate delays, have them delivered a day early to you (especially around big days) and then deliver them yourself. A better option is to pick them up directly from the florist ensuring they get delivered on time.

Don't choose flowers that are out of season

Roses are typically one of the exceptions when it comes to seasonal availability due to their demand. You can typically find them all year long, though there might be shortages in February of the red roses. If you're trying to order a special flower, be aware of whether the flower is currently in season. Your florist will know. But be prepared to hear that the flower isn't available or, if it is available, is at a substantial price premium. These flowers are also the hardest to replace, and might be impossible to replace, if something goes wrong.

Get the freshest flowers on Monday

Most florists restock their flowers on Monday morning, so you'll typically get the freshest flowers then. But that also means that by Friday or Saturday the flowers that aren't moving might be on sale. Those days are great days to ask about which flowers are on special.

How to spot older flowers

There's nothing wrong with purchasing a premade arrangement or even one at your local grocery store. To get an idea of how old the flower is, look at the very base of the blossom. The more petals that have been removed (because they wilted), the older the flower. A fresh rose, by contrast, is just blossoming. Those gas station roses might look good and be cheap, but they were probably cut weeks ago, placed in cold storage, and will die in a day or two.

Don't ask a florist to arrange someone else's flowers

If you grow your own flowers, don't expect your florist to arrange them for you. The same goes if you buy cheap flowers at a discount club or store and then want them placed into a $100 arrangement. Don't try to cheap out to save a few bucks. Most florists won't work with you unless you buy their flowers, which are probably nicer and last longer anyway.