Dial 811 From Any Phone in North Carolina to Locate Utility Lines Before You Start to Dig
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Dial 811 From Any Phone in North Carolina to Locate Utility Lines Before You Start to Dig

hitting an electrical or phone line could be costly and Dangerous, But all you need to do is dial 811 from any phone

November 7, 2019

Are you a homeowner planning on doing some digging? Are you a contractor planning a new project that involves getting into the ground? If you're disturbing the soil and doing more than planting some small flowers, you should be dialing 811 from any phone to have hidden underground utility lines located and marked. If not, you run the risk of causing damage that you may be responsible for repairing.

Utilities may not be obvious

You may think it's safe to dig, but there could be hidden utilies located close to the surface, such as electrical, water, sewer, cable, or telephone lines. Hitting any of these utilities can be quite costly, if not deadly. It's always dangerous to start a digging project without having utility lines marked beforehand.

call before you dig!

North Carolina 811 (NC811), a nonprofit organization funded by its member facilities, takes information regarding proposed excavation activities from contractors, utility service providers, and homeowners. This information is then transmitted to the member facility owners (including utilities, municipalities, universities, homeowner's associations, etc.) that provide service in the requested excavation area. All you do is dial 811 from any phone.

how long does it take?

Upon notification, member facilities have three full business days to mark the area requested for their underground utilities or to notify the excavator of a no conflict for that area.

NC811 is a free service that also takes requests from those persons who do not plan to excavate but wish to find out what utilities are in a particular area. These types of requests are referred to as Survey/Design locate requests, and they require a 10 business day notice. NC811 does not mark utility lines directly. NC811 is a service that provide an easy communication link between excavators and utility owners.

Dial 811 from any phone or call (800) 632-4949

Within North Carolina, simply dial 811 from any phone. If you are not located in North Carolina, call (800) 632-4949. Do not call NCCC.

do not call nccc

While we want to help with your consumer issues, we do not have anything to do with the NC811 service. We are only providing this information for your reference. Please do not call NCCC to have utility lines marked. For more information, visit NC811's website.