Advances in airbag technology have made the ten and two positions dangerous

Hands at 10 and 2 Positions on Steering Wheel / 10 and 2 Driving Position Dangerous in Newer Cars?
Image: Pixabay

Forget what your driving instructor taught you those many years ago. Well, don't forget everything. Just forget ten and two.

Advances in airbag technology have made ten and two quite dangerous, according to the American Driver and Traffic Safety Association (ADTSA). The old position puts the driver's fingers, hands and arms in the way of the airbag, which deploys at speeds of nearly 250 mph. The airbag can propel your body parts back towards your face or into other parts of the car, thereby causing injury instead of preventing injury.

Experts are now recommending eight and four or nine and three. Both options offer a better position away from the airbag. In addition, experts are recommending using pushing motions instead of crossing arms in front of the steering wheel when turning to prevent injuries.

Nothing has changed with the recommended distance to sit from the airbag, which should be at least 12 inches. Being closer puts you in greater risk of getting hit in the face.

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