Get rid of what you don't need from your phone as well as your closet

Samsung Smartphone Recording Soccer Match / Getting Ready for Spring Cleaning? Don't Forget Your Smartphone
Image: Pexels
May 02, 2017

It's May again, so you're probably doing one of two things: spring cleaning or planning your next vacation.

If you're cleaning, make sure you get rid of everything you don't need from your smartphone as well as your closet. You'll speed up your phone and get a sense of achievement from very little work, to boot.

  1. Back up your photos and videos
  2. Most people have pictures and videos on their phone that they want to keep. Give your phone a boost by backing up these items on an external hard-drive or a cloud-based service, then deleting them from your device.

  3. Uninstall unnecessary apps
  4. At some point, you probably downloaded an app that you didn't actually need, especially if you have children. The problem is that apps take up data, slow down your phone, and use up your battery power.

    Review the apps installed on your device, and if you see any that you don't need, get rid of it.

  5. Organize the apps left over
  6. Have you ever had to spend way too long just looking for an app on your home screen? Organizing your apps saves you time and frustration. Put the apps you use most often on the home screen. If you have more than one home screen and you really can't uninstall the extra apps, make folders and put the apps there.

  7. Permissions
  8. Some apps—such as Google Maps and Uber—need to know your location. Others—Facebook, anyone?—do not. Location tracking drains your phone's battery, so if the app really doesn't need to know where you are, disable location tracking for it.

  9. Clear out the cache
  10. Caches are useful because they save your data, enabling you to use less data to pull down the same resources all the time. However, caches can build up too much and slow down your phone. Clear out the cache once in a while.

  11. Factory reset
  12. If you think you need to take drastic measures, you can always do a factory reset on the phone. Beware, however: this deletes everything on the device except what the manufacturer pre-installed. If you're going to do a factory reset, back up everything first because you won't get another chance.

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