Consumers can find a local repair shop, mail-in repair service, or fix it themselves

iPhone / How to Keep Your Old Smartphone Working After Manufacturer Stops Updates
Image: Pixabay
September 06, 2016

Smartphone manufacturers and carriers try their hardest to convince consumers that they need the very latest version of their chosen phone. Many consumers, however, are content with the phone they have and do not want to upgrade to a new one even when theirs is no longer supported. What can they do?

These consumers have many options, says The New York Times. One option is to take it to a local repair shop for replacement parts. Another is to send it in the mail to a mail-in repair service. A third alternative is fixing the phone themselves.

There are websites offering online tutorials and replacement parts that can help these consumers maintain their phone's hardware. One such site is iFixit, which is a kind of one-stop-resource-shop for consumers who want to repair rather than upgrade. It offers free illustrated tutorials for repairing phones, discussion forums, and a store where customers can purchase tools and replacement parts for many iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone models.

There are also other sites that sell replacement parts for smartphones, although not all of them will provide in-depth instructions on installing them.

Unfortunately, consumers will not be able to upgrade their operating systems to fix security vulnerabilities the way that manufacturers do. Anyone concerned about security breaches should check their app store for a third-party security app compatible with their system.