You can either use Apple's Lightning port adaptor or convert the headphones to Bluetooth

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Models / How to Make Your Current Headphones Work with the iPhone 7
Image: Pixabay
September 09, 2016

Many consumers are upset by Apple's decision to leave out a headphone jack from the design of the iPhone 7. Fortunately, there are several ways they can convert their current headphones for use with the new smartphone.

Option One: Use the Lightning adaptor included with the phone.

  1. Plug the headphones into the adaptor.
  2. Plug the adaptor into the Lightning port.

Option Two: Convert the headphones into Bluetooth.

  1. Pair the phone with the adaptor.
  2. Plug the headphones into the adaptor.

There are actually a couple of benefits to this option.

  • The headphones will be compatible with many more devices because Bluetooth is much more common than Lightning ports.
  • The wireless nature of Bluetooth will enable consumers to carry the smaller and lighter adapter with them while placing the phone somewhere safe, such as a bag or backpack.

For audiophiles who want to convert to Bluetooth and do not mind spending more in exchange for higher quality sound, a Bluetooth Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC) may be the way to go. These units often contain technologies that improve sound quality, such as increasing the audio's resolution and dynamic range. They can be thought of like an external sound card.

Whichever option you choose, your headphones should function normally after following these steps.

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