How to Reset an HP Laptop When It Won't Boot

The power button can reset the laptop when it fails to start up or freezes when starting

How to Reset an HP Laptop When It Won't Boot
Image: Pexels
February 24, 2017

If you own an HP laptop, you also have several troubleshooting and resetting tools available to you in the event something goes wrong—such as your laptop not working properly or not being able to access your company's files.

In the event that your laptop does not start up and displays a black screen, or if it freezes during the startup process, the laptop's power button can reset it by powering down the system and restarting the boot-up process. However, the procedure requires you to remove the device battery in order to work correctly. There is a separate process for those laptops with a sealed or non-removeable battery.

  1. Turn off the laptop and close the lid.
  2. If there are any cables or accessories attached to it, such as a wired or wireless keyboard and mouse, external hard drive, flash drive, or memory cards, disconnect them. Unplug the power adapter and turn the laptop upside down.

  3. Remove the battery pack.
  4. There is a release latch that can be moved from the Lock to the Unlock position. Slide it to "Unlock" and lift out the battery.

  5. Press and hold down the laptop's power button.
  6. Release the button after 15 seconds.

  7. Reconnect the power adapter.
  8. With the battery still not installed, press the power button to turn on the laptop.
  9. The computer will start to boot up and the status lights on its front will come on. The HP and Windows splash screens will appear and the Windows operating system will begin to load. When you see the Windows desktop, the laptop is reset.

  10. Click "Start" and "Shut Down" to power off the laptop after the desktop appears.
  11. After the shutdown process is done, reinstall the battery pack. Then turn the laptop back on to use it again.