NC Driver Licenses Get a New Look with Added Security Features
Image: NCDMV

NC Driver Licenses Get a New Look with Added Security Features

In addition to new features, drivers can now renew licenses online instead of going to the DMV

June 12, 2015

Beginning later this summer, the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles (NCDMV) will begin issuing a redesigned, more secure and durable type of driver license and ID card. NCDMV says that the new design helps prevent counterfeiting, reduces the risk of identity theft, decreases the potential for fraud and meets federally recommended security features.

Changes to the cards

All new NC driver licenses and ID cards will be coated in Teslin, a protective and waterproof synthetic material offering a more durable card that will not crack or fade. New security features include high-resolution graphics and laser-etched verbiage, as well as overlapping "ghost images" in various colors.

Front laminate highlights on the new cards include images of the State seal, "NC" and "1775", the year of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence. The new license can also indicate active military or veteran designations, as well as organ donor status.

Online Driver License Renewal announced

The state has begun implementing a testing phase for online renewal of driver licenses. This new service will allow customers to save time and complete driver license renewals at their convenience without having to visit a driver license office. Allowing customers to renew online will also help reduce wait times at DMV offices throughout the state.

When Will Online Driver License Renewal be available?

The online driver license renewal process will be available to drivers beginning six months before their license expires. NCDMV says that the entire process is designed to take only few minutes.

Renewing Your license online

To renew online, drivers must verify their identity, confirm they live at the address on the license, and have no vision problems that would hinder their driving skills, and that all the statements being given are truthful. They also must have their current driver license number to complete the on-line form, and a VISA, MasterCard or Discover card to pay for the renewal. The new driver license will be mailed in 7-14 business days, and will be valid for 5 or 8 years, depending on the driver's age.

Renew Your NC Driver License Now

Who Can't Use the Online Driver License Renewal

Customers can't use the online system to obtain their original driver license or ID card. It is also not available if a driver has a restriction other than corrective lenses on their license, is in the medical review program, is trying to renew a commercial driver license or a state ID card, or has an expired, suspended or revoked license. Those customers must still complete those processes at a DMV license office.