SCAM ALERT: Online Scheme Targets Job Seekers in North Carolina
Image: Pexels

SCAM ALERT: Online Scheme Targets Job Seekers in North Carolina

job seekers should be wary about providing sensitive personal information online

July 20, 2018

looking for a job?

Job search websites can be a great tool for finding your next job. But not every opportunity posted online turns out to be legitimate.

What to watch out for

Some North Carolina job seekers recently found this out the hard way when they responded to a posting for what looked like security guard work, but turned out to be a scam. People who responded to the post were asked to pay more than $100 upfront for supposed "training" by purchasing a reloadable debit card.

Victims were also asked to provide sensitive personal information including their banking account number, full name, and date of birth.

Consumers who bought the debit card and provided the card number to the scammers never got the promised training or job. Even worse, they lost their money as well.

What can job seekers do?

Protect yourself when looking for jobs online by doing the following:

Be skeptical if you're asked for money upfront. Don't agree to pay upfront for lists of potential jobs or to apply for a job. If you're offered training or education, check it out thoroughly before you agree to pay any money, and consider reputable local alternatives, such as your community college, first.

Guard your personal information. Job scammers may ask for your Social Security Number (SSN) , saying they need it to run a background check. Don't provide your SSN to a potential employer until or unless you've checked out the company thoroughly and know the job is legitimate. Never agree to email your SSN or other sensitive personal information. Email is not a secure way to share this information.

If you spot a possible job scam, report it to the North Carolina Attorney General's Office.