Consumer Tip: Remove Minor Car Paint Scratches with Toothpaste
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October 07, 2015

You've no doubt used toothpaste on your teeth (one would certainly hope). But have you ever considered using toothpaste on your car to take out a few of those minor scratches?

If the scratch hasn't yet penetrated the clearcoat, there is a good chance that you can fix the problem with a little bit of elbow grease and whitening toothpaste.

Why whitening toothpaste? Whitening toothpaste has small abrasives in it, very similar to the abrasives found in car polish. The abrasive action can remove microscopic layers of film and clearcoat, polishing what you once thought to be a permanent battle scar of a scratch to a spotless shine! (Be aware, this technique will not fix chipped or peeling paint.)

So, the next time your car gets a small nick or scratch, consider getting out a damp cloth and your toothpaste.

Follow these steps:

1) Clean your car well to avoid pushing around dirt and road debris and causing more scratches.

2) Dab a small amount of toothpaste on the end of the damp cloth and begin gently rubbing in a small circular fashion. You should see the scratch, or at least parts of it, begin to fade away within just a few seconds!

3) Once it's gone, STOP! You don't want to rub too much!

Unfortunately, we must throw out the disclaimer that you try this at your own risk. We recommend testing this technique in an inconspicuous area of the car before you start throwing toothpaste onto an orbital buffer and come to us seeking a new paint job. We won't be able to give you one!

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