Selling Your Home? Follow These Tips for Keeping Your Stuff Safe during an Open House.

A few simple steps can protect your belongs during your open house

Selling Your Home? Tips for Keeping Your Stuff Safe during an Open House
Image: Pexels
October 8, 2015

Open houses are a funny thing. At any other point in time, having a stranger poking through your house is a no-go. During open houses, we actually direct people to our homes and invite them to look around.

Some of these open houses, however, seem to be attracting the wrong kind of client. CBS Boston is reporting that open houses in the area have been a target for thieves looking for prescription pills.

During an open house, drug dealers or addicts make their way into the bathroom where they can rummage through medicine cabinets for pills they can either sell or take themselves.

While some real estate agents in recent years have shied away from open houses, many people still use them as a way to bring in prospective buyers. Dozens of people will potentially walk through your home during the event so it's important to keep your valuables safe, prescription medication included.

Here are five tips for doing just that:

  1. Take prescription medication with you when you leave for the event. Don't leave them in the medicine cabinet or try hiding it elsewhere in the bathroom.
  2. Store in a safe jewelry, checkbooks, social security cards, passports, cash and any other valuables or documents with personal information. If you don't have a safe, rent a safe deposit box at a bank while your house is on the market. Hide family calendars, pictures of your children and alcohol.
  3. Since potential buyers will explore closets and other storage areas, gun owners should keep their guns locked and unloaded in a gun box or in a gun safe.
  4. Ask your real estate agent to bring an assistant who can keep an eye on guests while your agent talks with potential buyers.
  5. If you don't have a security system, consider investing in some inexpensive cameras that can help keep an eye on your home and provide evidence should a crime occur. Take pictures of each room before you leave so you can use them as a reference if you think something has gone missing.