Spring is Here. Time to Break Out the Mop and Bucket
Image: Pixabay

Spring is Here. Time to Break Out the Mop and Bucket

April 11, 2016

Spring cleaning: arguably a necessary part of keeping a home in tip-top shape.

Google "spring cleaning tips" and you'll find tons of lists. We know. We tried. We also know that most people don't want to spend multiple weekends during the nicest time of the year cleaning their house. We went through the lists and pulled out a few chores that we thought would be a good place to start.

If you can, save these indoor chores for a miserable, cold, rainy day. At least you're not wasting a gorgeous day inside in your dusty closet.

Often used but neglected, wash down your cabinets with a gentle cleanser to remove dust and grease residue from cooking oils.

A clean refrigerator is one of the easiest ways to stop bacteria growth, which can help prevent foodborne illnesses. Give the inside of your fridge a good washing with hot water and preferably a chemical-free cleanser. If your oven and washing machine have a self-cleaning function, it's a good time to run it. To keep your dishes clean, clear out any gunk at the bottom of your dishwasher and run it empty with some special cleanser or white vinegar.

Start a Donate Pile
Go through your closets, dresser drawers, garage, attics, basements, and any other place where you keep clothing and linens. Pull out anything that can be given away or sold at a yard sale or consignment event. Linens that have seen better days can be donated to animal shelters or cut up to be used as rags.

Toss the Expired
It's true that sell-by and use-by dates are essentially meaningless, but you should pay attention to expiration dates. Food in your pantry that is well past its expiration date should be tossed. Unused makeup has a pretty long shelf life, but used makeup can harbor bacteria that causes infections. Toss any makeup that has passed its expiration date. Expired medications might look OK from the outside, but after that date, the chemical compound begins to change making it less effective or even dangerous to take.

Wash Heavy Bedding
Your sheets and pillowcases are likely getting washed regularly, but how about heavy comforters and pillows? Run these through your washing machine and store away the heavy stuff. If you can, use a handheld steamer to clean your mattress. When you're done, turn it to redistribute the wear and tear.

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