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Tips for Selling Your Home
Image: NCCC

So you're ready to move on and sell your home. Perhaps you've had your home on the market now for a few months and haven't had many bites? Are you doing something wrong? It's a strong possibility. Here are a few tips to make your home more appealing to potential buyers:


The first thing people will see is the outside of your home. A well-kept yard makes for great curb appeal. This area makes your first impression, and it is up to you to make it a great one! Clean up! Make sure you don't have any loose or out-of-place items anywhere in the yard. Pick up any toys or tools and move them out of sight. Fresh paint can make the home look newer and cleaner if it looks old and faded. Add an accent color for the door or shutters to make your house stand out. Make any minor cosmetic repairs as these items add up and make the buyer feel uneasy. Mulch the garden beds and trim the grass and shrubs. Plant some colorful flowers to perk things up. Planting flowers that attract such things as butterflies can dazzle would-be buyers.


Next we move inside. Again, clean it up! No one wants to see your mess in what could very well be their new house. Downsize a few things. Get rid of some accent pieces or just leave a few out. Have someone else come in and tell you if they think a room feels overcrowded and take out unnecessary furniture. Your goal here should be to have the bare minimums in a room to make it feel large and open. The buyers are coming in to see how much space there is in the home, so don't make it look small by cluttering it up. You can rent a small storage unit or take advantage of a generous friend's garage. Also get rid of any odors you may have. Light some natural smelling scented candles. Consider hiding any signs of a pet, such as toys or food bowls.


As with the outside of the home, fresh paint can be important. Once you have your curb appeal and get the shopper into the home, you need to find a way to keep the shopper in the home. Pink walls do nothing to inspire a potential buyer, and incompletely painted walls do even less. It just means more work for the buyer, which could cost you a lower sales price or no sale at all.

Do you like to sit in a dark room on a sunny day or in a bright room? Open the blinds! Natural light always looks better than artificial light and can help make the home feel open. But also keep in mind that with light comes the possibility the potentially buyer will see all the dirt you have. Make that problem go away by vacuuming regularly. A potentially buyer will feel better about the home if there aren't dust bunnies circling around.

Remember: if you make it look like you don't care for your home, the potential buyer will think you've neglected it. All it takes are just a few simple steps to add appeal to what you already consider home.