223,000 Personal Emergency Reporting System Transmitters Recalled

223,000 Personal Emergency Reporting System Transmitters Recalled
Image: NCCC
June 23, 2014

Linear is expanding a previous recall of Personal Emergency Reporting System (PERS) transmitters. The batteries used in the transmitters can fail to emit a low battery warning leading the user to believe the transmitter is functioning and not generate a warning.

In total, 223,000 PERS transmitters are affected by this recall. About 48,000 of the same transmitters were recalled in December of 2013.

The recalled Linear PERS transmitters are components of Linear PERS or personal emergency solutions products and allow users to push a button on the transmitter to summon assistance. The transmitter may be worn as a pendant on a lanyard around the user's neck, on a band around the user's wrist or as a belt clip. This recall includes model numbers DXS-62A (black wristband and a gray pendant), DXS-62A1 (ivory plastic belt clip pendant) and DXS-64 (gray plastic pendant with a green circle in the center) which all have batteries that are sealed into the products. The manufactured date range of the recalled products is from June 2008 through April 2011 written as a date code.

The Linear PERS transmitters included in this recall were sold through independent PERS distributers and dealers nationwide from June 2008 through July 2011. Consumers should immediately contact Linear to receive a new replacement transmitter at no cost.

Consumers with additional questions about this recall can contact Linear toll-free at 855-554-2384.