A Device in Your Faucet That Keeps you From Getting Burned May have been Recalled
Image: NCCC

A Device in Your Faucet That Keeps you From Getting Burned May have been Recalled

July 16, 2015

A very important, but likely little known, piece of safety equipment for your faucet has been recalled.

Reliance Worldwide is recalling about 26,000 Temperature Actuated Flow Reducing (TAFR) devices. These little devices slow water flow if the temperature reaches above 120 degrees. A recall was issued after a discovery that a thermal element in the TAFR can fail to operate, causing a user to come into contact with water that is hotter than expected.

The recall includes Cash Acme Heatguard brand TAFRs. The metal, cylindrical-shaped thermostatic device is used on bathroom faucets and showers. The flow reducers may be used in private and public housing, child care centers, hospitals, hotels and motels.

Model numbers involved in the recall can be found on the Consumer Product Safety Commission website.

They were sold at plumbing retailers and wholesalers including: Antiscald, Inc., Best Plumbing Specialties, Coley Electrical and Plumbing Supply, Dutton Lainson Company, FEI, Grainger, HD Supply, M-One Specialties, Security Supply, The Alzheimer's Store, TM O'Donnell, and Westco Pipe and Supply from December 2014 through May 2015 for about $30.

Consumers should use caution when turning on faucets and showers with the recalled TAFR device installed and immediately contact Reliance Worldwide to receive a free replacement TAFR.Consumers will be mailed a replacement TAFR device with step-by-step installation instructions, and a postage pre-paid envelope to return the recalled TAFR to Reliance Worldwide.

Reliance Worldwide can be contacted at (844) 441-1496.