ABC Commission Denies Approval of New 'Flavored Alcoholic Shooter'
Image: Pixabay

The North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission voted unanimously to uphold an earlier decision by staff to deny product approval for a 3 oz. alcoholic beverage proposed for sale in North Carolina, saying they feared it would entice teens to drink.

Stout Brewing wanted to sell its Stout 21 malt beverage in grocery and convenience stores in flavors such as margarita and apple pie. Stout Brewing describes the new product as a 'Flavored Alcoholic Shooter.'

According to Mike Herring, administrator for the state Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission, the 3 oz. can with a twist-off cap contains as much alcohol as a 12 oz. beer.

Herring said the Commission is concerned that the beverage would appeal to underage drinkers, because they could easily conceal the small 3 oz. container in a pocket or backpack. Also, the unusual packaging would make it harder for parents and law enforcement officers to recognize the beverage as being alcoholic.

An attorney for Stout Brewing said that the company intended to market to product to 21-35 year-olds, and that the product's design was intended to help it "stand out."