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Image: NCCC
January 27, 2014

At the direction of the North Carolina General Assembly, the NC Board of Transportation studied how fees, sponsorship, and privatization might be used to reduce the use of public funds for services provided by the NC Department of Transportation (NCDOT).

To carry out duties assigned under the 2014 Budget Bill , the Transportation Board received information and discussed opportunities during a joint committee meeting in October and continued to research, review and compile additional information provided by NCDOT staff. On Thursday, November 6, the Board unanimously approved the draft study.

Recommendations from the study include new sponsorship opportunities for highway litter removal and rest areas, implementing or increasing some fees for current NCDOT services including traffic analysis and inspections, and some additional costs for outdoor advertising.

The recommendations are expected to serve as a basis for policy deliberations by the General Assembly concerning the balance between public funding of infrastructure and user fee based service provision.

NCDOT says that currently, in many cases, the Department does not collect enough in fees to cover services, and additional funds could be used to help build and maintain the state's transportation network.

The Department will now submit study recommendations to the Joint Legislative Transportation Oversight Committee and the Fiscal Research Division no later than December 1, 2014.