UPDATED: Airbags may not Deploy in Recalled Mitsubishi Cars
Mitsubishi Motors
October 13, 2015

It's possible that, should you get into an accident, the airbags in your Mitsubishi won't deploy when you need them.

The company is recalling about 13,550 model year 2014 Mirage and 2012 i-MiEV subcompacts because increased resistance in the impact sensor may result in delayed deployment of the front airbag, and the side curtain airbags may not deploy at all.

In the event of a crash, an airbag that does not deploy, or deploys late, increases the risk that the driver or passenger may get hurt.

Mitsubishi will notify affected owners, but has not yet provided a notification schedule for this recall. Dealers will replace the impact sensors on the recalled Mirage and i-MiEV vehicles, free of charge.

For more information about this recall, owners can contact Mitsubishi customer service at 1-888-648-7820.