Along with iPhone 5, Apple Announces New Look and Features for iTunes
Image: Pixabay

Coinciding with the introduction of the iPhone 5, Apple has announced a face-lift to its current iTunes content management software that will streamline its look and allow for easier access to content stored on Apple's iCloud service via iTunes.

Rolling out sometime in October, Apple says the new iTunes will make browsing more intuitive, by allowing users to see only the type of content they're interested in at that time.

When you select a particular album, for example, you will be able to see all the songs on the album, click play, and continue browsing without having to return to the entire library. There will also be a new UpNext feature that allows users to queue a particular song to play next.

The popup MiniPlayer has also been further reduced in size in the new iTunes. Users will be able to use the Player to search without opening their entire library.

Some other new features will better service people who listen to their iTunes music on multiple devices, and offline. iCloud now allows users to access content from any device, but the updated iTunes will allow content bought on any device to automatically appear in the library on all devices.

Making content mobile will also be quick and easy with a new Download button that lets you bring your library with you, wherever you go.