Amazon Day Allows Amazon Prime Members to Get Packages All at Once on Chosen Day Each Week

Amazon Day Allows Amazon Prime Members to Get Packages All at Once on Chosen Day Each Week

the new program aims to cut back on the amount of waste produced by multiple deliveries and to give predictability

March 1, 2019

Amazon is giving Prime members a new option when it comes to getting deliveries. Members who want to have all orders delivered on one particular day of the week in one shipment as opposed to throughout the week in multiple shipments can now choose an 'Amazon Day.' Amazon hopes this new program can cut back on shipping waste resulting from multiple deliveries and give members a regular delivery schedule.

The roll out of this new program is part of the company's plan to reduce its carbon footprint. The company recently announced that it intends to make half of its deliveries carbon neutral by 2030 under an initiative dubbed 'Shipment Zero.'

Reducing Waste

One of the benefits to having an entire week's deliveries come at once on one day is a reduction in the amount of waste, which is the main aim of the company. Critics of Amazon's Prime membership have frequently been unhappy with the sheer volume of packages one customer can produce with various orders throughout the week. While Amazon does group some shipments together, ordering items each day would result in a large number of deliveries (and boxes) going to the customer's home. This translates into extra packages moving through the shipping stream, an increase in costs, and an increase in the carbon footprint. Since the feature started testing in November, tens of thousands of boxes have been eliminated from the shipping stream.


This new option allows orders placed during the week to be grouped and delivered on the same day, which gives customers the added assurance of one delivery day during the week as opposed to a potentially unpredictable schedule. If customers are not home during the week and want a Saturday delivery, this can now be accommodated. The benefit is clearly to Amazon (and the environment) with this new program, but if you live in an area with a high rate of package theft, it can benefit you.

the old way still works

If you still need packages 'the old way,' you can still opt for faster delivery options after opting in to the new program. Simply select the needed delivery date at checkout.

Using 'Amazon Day'

If you want to enroll for this free feature, select the 'Amazon Day' option at checkout and select the day of the week you prefer. Your shipments will hold throughout the week and then be delivered all at once. Most items can be added to Amazon Day shipments up to two days before your shipment date.

Other initiatives

Amazon current has other initiatives that aim to reduce the company's carbon footprint and costs, including Frustration-Free Packaging and Ship in Own Container. The company has also installed solar and wind farms and placed solar panels on the roofs of its distribution centers.