American Airlines Ends Bereavement Fare Discounts

American Airlines Ends Bereavement Fare Discounts
Image: American Airlines
February 28, 2014

American Airlines announced this week that it has ended its policy of extending special fares to passengers who must book a last-minute flight due to the sudden death or illness of a relative.

The decision brings American in line with the existing policy of its merger partner, U.S. Airways, which does not offer special bereavement fares. American and U.S. Airways merged in December.

Walk-up prices tend to be the highest on any airline, putting family members in a financial bind when a relative far away dies or becomes seriously ill.

In a statement, American said that it was making the change "to have a single, consistent program for American and U.S. Airways."

American Airlines didn't have a specific discount for bereavement travel, but it had a different fare class that could produce a lower price than the traveler might otherwise find.