The airline is cutting the space between seats by another two inches

American Airlines 787-800 / American Airlines to Reduce Legroom in Economy Class Even Further
Image: American Airlines
May 03, 2017

In a decision sure to be deplored by travelers everywhere, American Airlines is planning to cut the legroom between some of its seats in economy class by two inches.

The airline is planning to add more seats on its new Boeing 737 Max planes. In order to do this, it will reduce the front-to-back space between seats from 31 inches to 29 inches on three rows and 30 inches for the rest of the economy seats.

According to a person with knowledge of the matter, United Airlines is thinking about making a similar decision.

The move seems to fly in the face of major carriers' recent promises to improve their customer service.

The bathrooms on the new planes will also be smaller, said a person who knows about American's plans. These planes, which will have only one aisle, are scheduled to come into use later this year and will be flown mainly on North American routes.

American Airlines will still charge travelers the usual economy fares for the seats with less legroom. It is adding the additional seats in an attempt to offset rising wages for its employees.

Source: CNNMoney: "American Airlines is cutting more legroom in economy class"