Apple has announced that it will stop using the popular Google Maps program when it releases its new iOS6, designed for iPhone 5. Instead, Apple will be utilizing its own map application.

While the news among consumers is garnering a mixed response, the split between Google and Apple appears to be amicable, though not without a little competition. Both companies are saying that their next-generation products will be a lot more exciting. As one Apple insider recently put it, the next Apple maps program will 'blow your head off.'

Apple began using Google Maps for the first iPhone in 2007. According to the Wall Street Journal, the first signs of the relationship going south started when smart phones powered by Google's Android operating system beat out Apple's iPhone in number of shipments.

Apple then proceeded to buy three existing companies, Poly 9, Placebase, and C3 Technologies for the purpose of buildings its own mapping software program.

On the other side, Google has announced that it will be revamping its digital mapping program by allowing offline access on mobile devices and including more three-dimensional images of major cities. The next generation Google Maps tool will also feature a hiking system for users traveling in remote locations by foot.

Google has also announced that its planes will be photographing more cities and surrounding areas to provide a more realistic map view for users.