Apple Wins iPhone Patent Fight with Google's Motorola Mobility
Image: Pixabay
January 17, 2014

Apple Inc. does not use patented technology owned by Google unit Motorola Mobility in making its iPhones, according to a recent decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

The appeals court upheld an earlier decision made in April by the International Trade Commission (ITC) that Apple Inc. did not violate a Google patent to make the popular iPhone. The ruling ensures that there would be no disruptions to U.S. imports of the iPhone.

"We're disappointed in this decision and are evaluation our options," Google unit Motorola said in a statement. Apple had no comments on the decision.

Motorola Mobility accused Apple in 2010 of infringing on six of its patents covering technology such as reducing signal noise and programming the device's touch screen so a user's head does not accidentally activate it while talking on the phone. The ITC ruled in April 2013 that Apple did not violate any of the six. Just one of the six patents was addressed by the appeals court.