Attorney General, NCCC Investigate Practices at Raleigh Health Club
Image: Pixabay
February 28, 2006

The popular downtown Raleigh health club, Capital Fitness, which is now part of Spa Health Clubs, has been so popular that its membership has soured. Membership had risen by 17,000 members last year, prompting upgrades.

As a result, the club automatically charged the accounts of members, and sent letters to thousands more informing them of a $25 'up fit' fee. Consumers complained. As a result, the fees were eventually dropped for about 33,400 of the 40,000 members because their contracts did not provide for the fee. The other 6,600 members were charged, though it is uncertain as to whether the section of their contracts dealing with this fee is legal.

It is not the first time complaints have been filed against this club. The Better Business Bureau reports 29 complaints, while the Attorney General reports 67 complaints, ranging from contract issues, to high-pressure sales tactics, making false promises and false advertising.

NCCC and the Attorney General will continue to investigate complaints. If you have any complaints to file, please call toll-free 1-877-5 NO SCAM.