ATV Company Temporarily Shuttered by Court Amid Customer Complaints

ATV Company Temporarily Shuttered by Court Amid Customer Complaints
Image: morgueFile
October 9, 2014

The North Carolina Attorney General's Office has filed a lawsuit against a North Carolina company that sold off-road vehicles online, but never delivered the product.

In response, a superior court judge temporarily barred the company from doing business while the case is ongoing. The judge's order prohibits Barry Moose, Jr. and his company Mooser Moto from advertising, selling or collecting payments.

Cooper's lawsuit claims that Statesville-based Mooser Moto, which did business as Riders Wholesale, collected money up front for all-terrain vehicles, utility vehicles, scooters, go-carts and mopeds, but failed to deliver the product by a certain date. Customers either paid in full or put down a substantial deposit by check or wire transfer from their bank account.

About 140 complaints were made against the company, including a physically disabled man in Kansas who paid about $5,500 for a vehicle he planned to use to get around his property. The company sent a $1,000 refund, but has yet to deliver the vehicle or refund the payment in full.

Customers that did receive their vehicles reported that they were damaged or in bad shape.

"Think twice before you pay thousands of dollars for something you've never seen in person," Cooper said in a statement." If you must pay in advance, consider using a credit card for extra protection."

To check out a company or file a complaint against one, contact the North Carolina Attorney General's Office.