August 22, 2014

The creator of a reading program geared towards infants settled with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) after the agency filed a formal complaint alleging that the company made baseless claims against the program's effectiveness.

Marketed online and in infomercials starting in 2008, the program uses videos, flash cards and books to teach children as young as nine months old to read. Each kit cost about $200, earning the company more than $185 million.

A 2013 complaint by the FTC alleged the defendants failed to have competent and reliable scientific evidence that babies can learn to read using the program.

The FTC's final order prohibits Robert Titzer, creator of Your Baby Can Read, and his company The Infant Learning Company from making any unsubstantiated claims about the performance or effectiveness of any product that teaches reading. The company is no longer able to use the term, 'your baby can read' and bars them from misrepresenting the results of any test or research.

Two monetary judgments totaling $185 million will be suspected after Titzer pays $300,000.

Products on the company's website now use the phrase, 'your baby can learn.'