Best Western to Use UV Sterilization and Black Lights to Ensure Cleanliness

Best Western to Use UV Sterilization and Black Lights to Ensure Cleanliness
Image: Pixabay

Do you cringe every time you enter a hotel room thinking about all the people who have stayed there before you? Do you wonder just how 'clean' the room really is?

In an effort to help put consumers' minds as ease, Best Western International has announced plans to use ultraviolet sterilization wands and UV black lights to make certain that each one of its rooms is clean.

The hotel chain says this aggressive new approach to cleaning those little things that the naked eye can't see was inspired by the results of a study that showed a significant lack in consumer confidence when it comes to the cleanliness of midscale hotel rooms.

Beginning later this year, housekeepers at every Best Western hotel will be equipped with state-of-the-art UV sterilization wands to use on all the highly touched areas in the room including telephones, light switches, bathroom fixtures, curtain sticks, and irons.

UV black lights will be used to fully inspect the bedding, carpet, and other parts of the room to detect any biological matter or other particles.

Every room will also be equipped with TV remote controls that are easy to clean and sanitize or that will be wrapped in a protective covering for cleanliness. Additionally, all extra blankets, pillows, and towels will be wrapped to reassure guests that they are fresh and clean.

The program will be rolled out at all Best Western Hotels throughout 2012.