Bimbo Bakeries Issues Recall After Discovery of Broken Glass

Bimbo Bakeries Issues Recall After Discovery of Broken Glass
Image: NCCC
August 27, 2015

A broken light bulb in a manufacturing plant is prompting a recall from an American bakery.

Bimbo Bakeries is removing certain bread products from the shelf due to the possible presence of fragments of glass from the bulb.

The company sells its bread products through the brands Sara Lee, Kroger, Bimbo, Nature Harvest, Great Value, and L'Oven Fresh.

The company announced the recall after receiving 3 consumer reports of small pieces of glass found on the outside of the bread. There are no reports of injury.

For a list of product names, "Best By" dates, UPC codes, Bakery codes, and location of sale for the specifically recalled products, see the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) press release.

The "Best By" date can be found on the lower front/top third of the bag, with the Bakery code to the left. The UPC code can be found in the bottom right corner on the back/bottom of the bag.

Consumers who have purchased the product can return it to its place of purchase for a full refund. Customers with questions may contact the company at (800) 984-0989.