Bosch Security Announces Recall of Radion Wireless Smoke Alarms
Image: Pixabay

Bosch Security Announces Recall of Radion Wireless Smoke Alarms

September 10, 2015

A line of fire alarms is being recalled due to its inability to warn you in the event of a fire.

Bosch Security Systems is issuing the recall for Radion wireless smoke alarms after receiving two reports that the devices failed to sound during installation testing. About 950 alarms are subject to the voluntary recall.

Bosch security alarm systems use a control keypad labeled "Bosch" on the front surface. The alarms are made of white plastic and measure 5.6 inches across and 2.4 inches high. The alarms have a Bosch label on the back with "RFSM-A,"a bar code with "F01U263962" and a 17-digit serial number starting with 0922320XXX. The XXX in the 8th through 10th positions of the serial number designates the date code. Only alarms with date codes 001 through 458 are included in the recall.

The Radion smoke alarm was only available with purchase of a home security package sold by Bosch between November 2013 and October 2014, retailing for about $125.

Consumers should immediately contact their dealer or installer for a free replacement alarm. Bosch has contacted dealers and installers directly.

Customers with questions can contact Bosch at (800) 289-0096.