Patio Gas Grill model 810-6230-S
Image: Home Depot
April 27, 2015

While the company maintains its grills are built to all required safety standards, Brinkmann made a design change after one model failed a Consumer Reports safety test.

Consumer Reports found that one burner for the small, two-burner grill went out occasionally when the lid was closed, which can cause gas to build up on the inside.

It's uncertain how that trapped gas may reignite, but doing so could pose a very serious safety risk. The $130 Brinkmann Patio Gas Grill (model 810-6230-S) passed the test on high, but the flames on one of the two burners occasionally went out while it was on low.

None of the other grills tested had this flaw, including other Brinkmann grills.

The editorial team at Consumer Reports brought their results to Brinkmann, which made a design change that will prevent the flame from going out. The change has been made at the factory level, which will affect all new grills, but the company has already shipped the majority of its grills for this season.

Consumers who already own the grill should only use it on high until they can contact Brinkmann at 800-527-0717 for a replacement part, which will ship within 48 hours.

If you're ready for a new grill and don't want to spend a lot of money, Consumer Reports has some recommendations for under $300.