You may soon be seeing changes at the pump, but probably not the way you expect. Instead of seeing falling gas prices, you may notice that the pumps you use to fill up look a little different.

The Obama Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that they intend to phase out the rubber boots on gas pump handles currently used to capture harmful gasoline vapors while refueling cars that could otherwise escape into the atmosphere.

You may be wondering just why the EPA, the biggest environmental agency in the country, would want to remove a device that captures harmful emissions. It all has to do with redundancy. In fact, the EPA says that about 70% of all cars and trucks on the road today are equipped with emission recovery systems that capture these same vapors.

About 31,000 gas stations in predominantly urban areas could save about $3,000 each once the ruling is fully implemented. Consumers and business could potentially save about $6 billion over the next five years under this plan, according to the White House.