CBS Joins HBO and Launches Online Subscription Streaming Service
Image: Pixabay
October 16, 2014

Before the TV world could even get over HBO's recent news, CBS made its own cord-cutting announcement Thursday.

For about $6 a month, CBS will offer a subscription-based service that will let viewers binge-watch archived episodes of their favorite shows on demand, as well as stream live broadcasts.

The announcement came about 24 hours after HBO told the world that it was cutting the cord from cable and offering its own streaming service next year. Today, in order to watch any of HBO's acclaimed shows on its web service HBO Go, viewers need to have a cable plan, or a friend or family member willing to share their login information.

An increasing number of TV lovers are pulling the plug on their cable plans and using web-based services like Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant to get their fill. Traditional cable subscribers continue to be older, while 24 percent of those without cable – either because they cancelled their plans or never had one – are between 18 and 34.