Certain Toyota Tacoma Trucks Recalled

nearly 1,000 vehicles are included in this recall

Certain Toyota Tacoma Trucks Recalled
Image: Toyota
November 19, 2013

what is being recalled?

Southeast Toyota distributers is recalling certain model year 2012-2013 Tacoma vehicles equipped with 18" Maverick Alloy Wheels.

what's the problem?

In the affected vehicles, the spare tire requires the use of a different style of lug nut to attach it to the vehicle than the other wheels use. These lug nuts were not provided with the vehicle.

If the spare tire/wheel is installed on the vehicle using the lug nuts from another wheel, damage to the wheel could result and may eventually lead to a loose wheel, increasing the risk of a crash.

Southeast Toyota will notify the owners of all affected Tacoma vehicles, and dealers will: (a) Install a Warning Label on the spare tire/wheel, (b) supply a bag containing proper spare wheel lug nuts, and (c) place an Owner's Manual Addendum in the vehicle's glove box.

what should i do next?

For additional information on this recall, contact Southeast Toyota distributers at 954-429-2000.