Beginning in October, road sign tests will only be required for the initial issuance of an NC driver license

NC DMV office driver license test
Image: Pexels
July 19, 2016

Several recent changes to North Carolina's transportation laws—all part of Governor Pat McCrory's "Driving Change" initiative—aim to improve customer service and decrease wait times at North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles (NCDMV) offices.

One of the new provisions—effective immediately—extends the time period for a temporary driving certificate from 20 days to 60 days. The provision broadens the use of the certificate and allows customers more time to use the certificate for driving purposes while waiting for a new license. The provision also allows the temporary driving certificate to be used to conduct other DMV services, including vehicle registration and titling.

"Many of these new provisions will help DMV better serve its customers," said NCDMV Commissioner Kelly J. Thomas. "We are happy that there are so many new ways we can bring DMV services up to date and make them more efficient as well."

A provision that will become effective on October 1 will make email notices to consumers possible for items such as driver license renewal and vehicle registration renewal notices. The NC Department of Transportation (NCDOT) says that this will save the state money through decreased mailing costs.

Another new provision will allow more than two commercial learner permits to be issued to a commercial driver over a two-year period, and increase the permit period to 180 days. Several additional changes in commercial licensing will also marry state law with federal law.

Also beginning in October, road sign tests will only be required for the initial issuance of an NC driver license, improving customer service and reducing wait times at the DMV for in-office appointments. Vision testing will still be required as a part of every in-office driver license issuance or renewal.

Beginning December 1, a long-standing provision that requires a vehicle owner to sign their vehicle registration card upon receipt will also be eliminated.