Charging Station Recalled by LocknCharge Due to Shock Hazard

Charging Station Recalled by LocknCharge Due to Shock Hazard
Image: NCCC
January 27, 2016

LocknCharge Technologies is issuing a recall for a charging station that poses a potential hazard to consumers.

The LocknCharge iQ10 charging station has a defective USB charging hub can cause an electrical shock when the charging station is connected to an electrical supply. About 550 chargers are being recalled.

The iQ10 charging station allows users to charge and store multiple tablet computers. The charging stations are metal cubes with two doors on the front. The cube has white sides with black doors and either a black or white top cover. The charging stations came with a blue basket and a green basket with dividers that hold the devices to be charged. The baskets have a white handle with the LocknCharge logo on each side. The charging stations have two USB charging hubs under the top cover. Recalled charging stations have charging hubs with no batch code or that have batch codes that begin with 14L, 15B, or 15C.

These items were sold through distributors to schools, government agencies and other users from February 2015 to May 2015 for about $600.

LocknCharge has received one report of a woman in Australia receiving an electrical shock from a charging station.

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled charging stations andcontact LocknCharge Technologies for a free replacement charging hub and instructions for replacing the charging hub.

Customers with questions about this recall can contact LocknCharge Technologies toll-free at (888) 943-6803.