Doing My Part Puts on Charlotte Music Show to Benefit Homeless

in addition, serve charlotte homeless hosts a bimonthly volunteer opportunity to distribute supplies to those in need

Doing My Part Puts on Charlotte Music Show to Benefit Homeless
Image: Pixabay

Life on the street is brutal for anyone who is homeless. The residential-challenged living on the street don't choose to live there, lacking nearly every basic element needed to survive. In Charlotte, just as in any other major city, there are not enough shelters to take in those who find themselves wandering the streets every day, looking for their next meal and hoping to survive until the following day. Be it blistering heat or freezing cold, they do their best to make it.

cycle of homelessness

Falling into homelessness for various reasons, it's nearly impossible to get out. Without any help, their situations can never expect to get better, only worse. Change comes when one person steps forward to do the right thing.

Serve Charlotte's Homeless, a Charlotte nonprofit working in partnership with Doing My Part, hosts a bimonthly volunteer opportunity on Sundays aim at distributing supplies to the many area homeless.

how can you help?

Volunteer if you are able. If not, a group of local DJs are organizing a music show from which the supplies will be donated to Serve Charlotte's Homeless. Derek Buchanan, aka DJ Linoge, came up with the idea after volunteering a few weeks ago. He saw an opportunity to make a difference and is hosting a benefits show at the Chop Shop in NoDa, on Wednesday, June 6, 2012, starting at 8 PM. In addition to DJ Linoge, DJs Donnie B, Madinfluece, Hipnotic, Prophet, Tober, Skinner, Audio Rush, RIDGID1, Damien the Omen, DubMonster, Rasputin, and Yellow Fever will be spinning at the event.

The entrance to the event will be any item that will help the homeless, such as bottled water, canned foods, soap, tooth paste, tooth brushes, snacks, etc. Many local businesses have also donated items to be raffled off at the event. Raffle tickets can be obtained in exchange for any useful supply.