Color-Coded Light Bulb Packages Make Shopping Easier

Color-Coded Light Bulb Packages Make Shopping Easier
Image: Pexels

Have you ever tried to compare the lumens in the light bulb isle? It's a chore, to say the least. General Electric (GE) has made searching for light bulbs a little easier with the introduction of its new color-coded packages.

Instead of standing in the isle looking at all the packages and trying to decide between all the varying specifications, consumers can now simply look for the color of the package to get an indication of the brightness of the bulb.

With energy efficient bulbs now flooding the market, wattage isn't much of an indicator anymore. Instead, the intensity of a light bulb is based upon lumens. Two different bulbs, each at 13 watts, could vary by as much as 400 lumens. Those 400 lumens could make the difference between a bulb of medium brightness and one of low brightness.

The new packages start with yellow, indicating a very bright 2000 lumens or more. The brightness of the bulb goes down as the package changes to green, blue, orange and then finally purple.

To give you a little help, if replacing a traditional 60 watt bulb you should look for a bulb that has around 800 lumens.

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